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Past Clients

Syracuse University

Syracuse, NY

Student Activities Department

We had XCC come in and do a foam party as well as other inflatables. We had a great time and will definitely will be using them in the future!

Colgate University

Hamilton, NY

Campus Activities Board

Spring Party Weekend was the best this year then we have ever had! We had over 1000 students come to and through our event! The foam party was a HUGE hit and will be one for the books!

SUNY at Binghamton

Binghamton, NY


XCC and thier team know what they are talking about. We had some ideas for new student orientation but the XCC team helped bring it to another level!

SUNY at Albany

Albany, NY

Kappa Fraternity

For our mid semester get togethor we rented to mechanical bull, photo booth, and rock wall. Students had a great time and loved all the options that they had to enjoy! The XCC team was very helpful and we will be using them for the rest of our events this year!

SUNY at Buffalo State

Buffalo, NY

United Students Government

Buffalo State had one the biggest and best events we have ever had! We decided to remove the ice out of the ice rink and to throw a 3,000 student foam party! It was a huge success and was sold out in the first hour! We even had students trying to get in from all around the building! Now thats what I call an event to remember!

Need help planning your event?

We have an amazing team of event planning specialists to walk you through every step. Think of your event as an experience and not just an event!

Types of Events We Do


We can help you make your new students orientation one the best they have ever had! They will be going home wanted to start school that day!


Mechanical Bull, rockwall, inflatable zipline, and much more are just some of the things that will set your homecoming event apart! Give us a call and ask us how we can make your homecoming better then you have ever had before!


Just imagine all of your students walking into the main gym arena wanting for the TOP 40 mainstream artist you hired to begin the show. We can provide you with the sound, lighting, security, DJ equipment, to make your booking process so much easier!

Spirit Week

Go Team! Spirit week has never been the same before Xtreme Campus Connection. We have teams for different aspects of your event and can help you make it the best it has ever been!

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