We got you covered

Sound & Lighting Equipment

Sound Reinforcement

From conferences to concerts

We can handle anything from a 100 person movie night to a 10,000 attended full on concerts! 

Lighting Equipment

Par Cans / Movers / uplighting / leds

Looking to do something in your union center at night but need to make it look crazy! Say no more, we've got you covered.... We can bring anything from flood lights to search lights, uplighting to a crazy light show for your springfest concert!

DJ Turntables & cdjs

Equipment rentals

Do you have an event coming up with a DJ or artists ryder requiring 4 CDJs and a Rain mixer? We can help you out with that by providing all the equipment you will need!

Visual Effects

Lasers / Fog / Haze / Bubbles / Dry Ice

You got the lights, you got the DJ, and you've got the bass going but it wont look good without any visual effects. We have everything from dry ice machines to make you feel like your walking on clouds to bubble machines for that crazy EDM fest your throwing!

Our Snapshots

Mike mixing

Tony live in London, UK

Mike at the Kahuna club

Henry and his Bass Guitar

Mike preparing for the show

Live in concert 2017

Tony on stage

At the Broly Festival